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Shy [10 Jan 2006|03:55am]

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I bring you another wallpaper!
This time it's Hinata (and NaruHina)
The lyrics are from Shy by Sonata Arctica. I think this song is all about Hinata ^^. It just fits her shy personality so well. I also think it's about me :P Because I can recognize myself in the song and in Hinata.

I promise you that with the next post I'll give you the intro to my story okays? And remember, I would love to hear what you think about my work, so feel free to leave comments! ^^

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Wallpaper [10 Jan 2006|03:55am]

[ mood | pensive ]

Hiya everyone (nobody is reading, but it's the tought that counts right?)

Since I'm not planning on putting the intro of my story up yet, I've come to give you other gifts.
Today I bring you two Naruto wallpapers, made by me!
I used fanarts I saved on my computer, but I don't remember who made what. So if I used a picture you made, and don't want it published, just tell me and I'll take it down.
Also for the text I used lyrics from my favourite bands. I think most of the texts fit the characters, maybe you have a different opinion. If you do, I'd like to hear it! I'd like to hear from you if you think the lyrics fit the character or not, and why you think so ^^.
Anyway on with the pictures

For the one of Neji I used lyrics from Farewell by Kamelot
For the Sasu/Saku one I used lyrics from Dreams Come True by Hammerfall (magnificent song by the way)
Oh and the font I used in all my wallpapers is the Naruto font. It doesn't fit very good in all of the wallpapers I made, but I haven't felt like searching for fitting fonts for every wallpaper yet, so maybe I'll update the text on the wallpapers someday.

There, I hope you enjoyed and feel free to leave a comment!

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Sneak-a-peek [11 Jan 2006|11:56pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Ok To get this thing going, and to hopefully get you interested in my story, I'm going to post a preview here.
I'm gonna try doing this with this 'fake cut' kindof thingie, but I have no idea how it works, so I hope I'll get it figured out :p

preview behind fake cut?Collapse )

edit : Yay! It worked! I hope you guys like my preview ^^

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Warnings [11 Jan 2006|10:31pm]

[ mood | content ]

Before I post anything of my story here I'm going to put up some warnings.
First of all, there will be a lot of original characters in this story. It's about the Naruto characters when they are a lot older and have children, so I have a lot of my own characters.
Second, to have chidren, people need to get together. In this story I have put together most Naruto characters with each other, or with original characters. If you got a grudge against one pairing or the other you can higlight the next piece of tekst in which I listed every pairing in the story (how I have it planned for now anyway, there might be some changes later). If you don't want any spoilers for the story then don't highlight the tekst!!

Shikamaru/OC, Neji/OC, Jiraiya/Tsunade, Chouji/Temari, Naruto/Hinata, Gaara/OC, Shino/Ino, Sakura/Sasuke, Genma/Shizune, Asuma/Kurenai, Hana/Kotetsu, Izumo/Anko, Hanabi/Konohamaru, Tenten/Kankurou, Itachi/OC

In my story sometimes I'll use Japanese words (like -chan or maybe arigatou or something) I know some people think this is annoying. I try to tone it down as much as possible, but sometimes it just doesn't sound right without the -chan or -kun or when it's not in Japanese so if it really bothers you at some point tell me and I'll see if I can alter it.

Then there is the fact that's I'm a Belgian girl, meaning I'm not writing this story in my main language (which is Dutch) So please, don't bash me if I make mistakes, just kindly point them out and I'll correct them.

Those are the main things you have to think about when reading my story. If you don't like original characters or any of the pairings mentioned above, don't read the story. And if you do read it don't give me any comments like "I hate your original characters" or "I hate that pairing" because I don't care and I won't change any of the pairings.

Also all Naruto characters don't belong to me, only the ones I created yadda yadda... And I will kill you if you steal my characters, stories, artwork or anything else I created and pretend it's yours.

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First post [11 Jan 2006|07:10pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Hi everyone

I guess nobody is reading this yet, exept for maybe my sister...
Well, this is my Naruto_Next community, where I'll be posting my Naurto fanfic and anything related.
The first part of my fanfic should be up soon. It's an intro and it needs lots of work. In fact the whole fanfic needs lots of work. The first version I'll put up here is only a draft version. As soon as I finish three chapters or so I'm going to rewrite the first parts. And that's where you guys come in.
It would be very helpful if you commented on my story and give me tips on how to improve it in the rewrite.

I'll also post other stuff like character profiles, drawings, side-stories,... Off course your opinions on those things are very welcome too!

Well I hope to provide you with some reading or viewing material soon ^^

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